SeaMount Poling Platforms

  Thanks for letting us tell you about our custom poling platform kits.
We are looking for the boat owner who doesn’t want to spend a small
fortune on a platform or does not want to leave their boat (your baby)
at some fabrication shop for weeks waiting for something, anything, to
happen.  You can get our kit (shipped by U.P.S.) that can easily be
installed in a couple of hours with only household tools. This means
you can be out fishing the next day!!

  All of our platforms are finished with a baked on polyester
powdercoat that is available in a variety of colors including Bone
White, Almond, Gloss Black, Grey, Olive Drab, etc.

  Please check our different combinations at the links provided.

Basic transom mount

Deck mount

Custom combination


  Remember, our only catalog is your imagination!!

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