SeaMount Basic Transom Mounted Kit


                  Basic Kit                                  Optional Rod Holders and Toe Rail

  This is our most frequently sold poling platform because of it's ability to be
adjusted for many applications on many different types of boat.  We are
looking for the semi-do it yourself guys that don't want to leave their boat at
some fab. shop and wait several weeks for something to happen!  With our
platform you can install (with one of your friends for a little help) our kit in a
couple of hours with just household tools.  All of our platforms come with a
baked on polyester finish with many colors available.  These items actually
bolt together so we can get them in a box small enough for U.P.S. to accept
them.  Our standard tops are aluminum and are 36.5 X 24.5 inches in size.

  By making these tops from aluminum it allows us to weld options directly to
the basic top.

  This kit comes with the items pictured below, one top, two legs, four
mounting brackets and all bolts necessary EXCEPT the ones to hold this
structure to your transom.   As you can imagine there are too many types of
transoms for us to try to provide these.

Click here for instructions on how to measure
your transom angle.

Click here to see the parts supplied with the basic kit.

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