SeaMount Twin Engine Bracket

  Our SeaMount engine brackets, both single and twins, normally come with
a twenty nine inch setback which will allow any V-6 to tilt completely out of
the water without hitting the transom of your boat. They all come predrilled
for your engine and your transom.  Each twin engine bracket has two eight
inch access ports in the top and a 3/8ths inch drain in the bottom.

  All SeaMount brackets come standard with a  baked on polyester
powdercoat on both the inside and outside as well.

  Each twin engine bracket is rated for a total of 500 horsepower and weighs
approximately 145 lbs.

  All of our SeaMount engine brackets are a full flotation design to help your
boat maintain the proper attitude when not underway.  These brackets
almost invariably will give at least some noticeable increase in fuel economy
and performance, not to mention all the extra space it will create in your

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your transom angle.

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